You Accommodation Landing page.

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You Accommodation Landing page.

A landing page designed for a hotel, guest house, or B&B marketing campaign is your welcome message to people that are new to your property or the area. Someone who is planning a trip that clicks on your ad is motivated to find the perfect place to stay. This is your opportunity to address their needs and convince them to take the next booking action.

The domain name that you choose to use for your website or blog is the name that you will be known by as far as your website visitors and potential website visitors. So, put some thought as to what you want your site to be known as. You don’t want something that looks or sounds strange, but something that has a good ring to it that people will easily remember and be able to spell correctly.<br>
Many people that will tell others about your site won’t actually spell it out but just say it to the person that they are telling about your site. Then that person who was told about your site will go and just type the name in how it sounds or how it is normally spelled thus causing you to loose that potential site visitor.

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